Model JAP 300 ccm with Enfield-2-Gears



In autumn 2003 I have win the auction of the rudiments of this model in the internet.  Steve from Plymouth prevented the scrapping of the motorcycle, and I have luck at the auction…


My impression I had was confirmed by the arrival in thuringia: Many of parts are on the motorcycle only the handlebars are not original. Many parts I can use a second time, so I can say it is a good base. The most missing parts I’ve bought by ebay.  For example the cylinder, the carburettor, the hubs and the rear wheel are now available.


A Bosch-magneto, the beltwheel and the handlebars are wanted. Urgent I need also a replacement for the glass from the oilpump.


Now some pictures, shows the base for the restoration. In the next time I’ll publish the results.

JAP-Calthorpe founded in the web The Engine is rebuild now.
engine and gearbox before start the dismantling Like a new one!
after dismantling and cleaning the gearbox will work very well