I'm looking for informations about motorcycles from Calthorpe. Specially descriptive material, pictures and article are welcome, also in copy.

I'm searching for spareparts for my cycles. Please offer every thing.

Specially for JAP-model from 1914:

Importend for me is a  JAP-engine of the A-serie, 300 ccm. A Bosch-magneto, the rims, the beltwheel and the handlebars are wanted.

I'm looking  for motorcyles  "Calthorpe", independent from the condition. If i get "Calthorpes" through your hint, I'll pay commission. For specially models i'll exchange other cycles (f.i. Standard Rex 500 ccm ohc).


My spareparts (engines, carburettors, gearboxes, frames, tank, lamps etc.) you can get to exchange. Please ask me!